Corporate Investigation – Cybercrime. The Police Perspective on the Subject.

Investigação Corporativa - Crime cibernético. A visão policial sobre o tema. STWBrasil

In today’s business scenario, the increase in cyber threats and digital frauds has become a constant concern.

To preserve the integrity of organizations, the investigation of corporate fraud has gained relevance in order to safeguard both material assets and the reputation of companies.

In this context, collaboration between compliance sectors and law enforcement authorities is a crucial factor in identifying, resolving, and preventing cybercrimes.

The role of corporate investigation and its relationship with the police force

Dr. Filipe de Morais, delegate of the DHPP of São Paulo, shared his view on the police perspective in investigating fraud in the digital environment during the sixth episode of STWCast.

He points out that the corporate investigation process aims to identify the root cause and direct the company’s future actions. He emphasizes that the company must first discover the origin of the problem, implement controls to prevent recurrences, and in some cases, inform the police authorities.

However, it is important to understand that corporate investigation has limitations and does not replace the prerogatives of police investigation. The police have the power to access sensitive information, such as bank secrecy, which is not available in the corporate sphere.

The importance of digital forensics

In an increasingly digital world, digital forensics has become an essential tool for seeking the truth.

The precision and impartiality of digital elements are undeniable, making digital forensics an indispensable piece in solving crimes, especially in the context of fraud committed through the internet.

However, it is extremely important that investigations follow scientific methods and are conducted correctly to have judicial value.

The decision to hire a private forensic expert is always up to the company. It can request the investigation of its assets, such as computers and cell phones, which belong to one or more employees.

It is worth remembering that the company has the right to investigate its employees, provided that there is clarity at the time of hiring that they may be investigated and that their work equipment may be audited.

The importance of a well-conducted investigation

A well-conducted internal investigation can protect the company’s image, collaborate with the police, and prevent misunderstandings. The company’s collaboration with the authorities mitigates penalties and demonstrates a commitment to solving problems.

Another point that should be reinforced is the importance of not delaying the start of investigations. With handling and storage, evidence can deteriorate over time, and the company must be aware of when and how to act.

In situations of suspected fraud, the company must act with caution and follow the appropriate procedures.

Collaboration with the police is essential, and the company must be willing to share evidence and information to strengthen the investigation.

Promoting corporate integrity

Corporate investigation plays an essential role in preserving corporate integrity.

By collaborating with the police and conducting well-structured internal investigations, companies can identify root causes, implement controls, and prevent future crimes.

The relationship between corporate investigation and the police force is symbiotic, aiming at justice, truth, and corporate security in an increasingly digital and complex scenario.

To learn more about this subject, watch the full sixth episode of STWCast.

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