Digital Forensics

Who is it for

The digital forensics service offered by STWBrasil is aimed at lawyers, companies, and organizations.

Clients seeking clarification on issues such as legal disputes, data leaks, security incidents, corporate fraud, or theft of confidential information find a reliable partner in STWBrasil’s digital forensics.

With a highly qualified team and the largest forensic laboratory in Brazil, we offer specialized solutions for the preservation, collection, and analysis of digital evidence, ensuring the integrity and admissibility of this evidence in legal or internal proceedings.

Examples of cases where Digital Forensics is necessary:

Legal disputes

In cases such as dissolution of partnerships and disputes over assets or debts between partners, we act as technical advisors.

In addition, we provide support in labor and civil proceedings, offering detailed analyzes of digital evidence that are crucial for the fair resolution of these situations.

In criminal scenarios, STWBrasil collaborates with criminal lawyers, being contacted by the client's lawyer to negotiate and provide the necessary services to deal with complex legal issues.

Internal Investigation

We provide effective solutions for companies facing challenges such as internal theft, minor frauds, and other corporate incidents.

By conducting detailed analyses, STWBrasil contributes to identifying perpetrators, collecting relevant digital evidence, and implementing corrective measures.

This service is essential for companies seeking to preserve the integrity of their operations and mitigate risks associated with unauthorized activities or fraudulent behaviors within the organization.

Incident Response

In the event of data breaches, information leaks, or other harmful events affecting your company, our specialized team acts swiftly to identify the origin, attack vector, and details of how the incident occurred.

This efficient response is necessary to prevent more extensive damage such as tarnishing the company's reputation, operational downtime, and loss of sensitive data.

By focusing on technical and serious issues, STWBrasil provides proactive and specialized support to handle the complexities of cybersecurity incidents.

The largest forensic laboratory in the country

In order to deliver the best solution for your company, we have built the largest forensic laboratory in Brazil, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and software. Coupled with specialized professionals, this ensures the resolution of various cases of digital crimes.

War room

A suitable space for conversation between the client and our professionals about the best strategy for protecting your business. This room can be set up either at our headquarters or at your company.

Seals and trackers

The only company to use proper protection for transporting evidence, preventing any damage or alterations from occurring.

Evidence room

Location where all collected evidence is securely stored, with necessary information for when it is requested.

Forensic collection

Equipment collection according to legal requirements so that all collected information has judicial value.

Advanced laboratory for data extraction from electronic devices

We serve, in addition to our private clients, the public prosecutor's office and the civil police, extracting data in accordance with all legal requirements.

High-capacity servers

This way, data is extracted quickly, reliably, and effectively.

Faraday cage

Equipment that blocks electromagnetic signals, preventing electronic devices under investigation from being intercepted.

Write blockers

Security mechanisms to preserve the integrity of digital evidence.


Advanced tool and software for data extraction, leading in forensic technology.

Chain of custody

Each time evidence is taken from one place to another, the data of who moved it and where it went is recorded.

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