audit and consultancy

Who is it for

The auditing and consulting services of STWBrasil are aimed at companies of various sizes seeking to strengthen information security and achieve compliance with industry standards and regulations.

For those in need of a critical look at their systems, STWBrasil offers services such as:

ISO 27001 and ISO 27002

Designed for companies seeking efficient information security management.

These international standards serve as benchmarks for controlling and implementing digital security measures.

We conduct a detailed audit to assess the company's compliance with the requirements of these standards.

The implementation process typically lasts 4 to 12 months, with the delivery of two comprehensive reports to the client: one executive and one technical, along with the final ISO certificate.

Additionally, we provide 60 documents that highlight conforming and non-conforming points, along with their evidence, providing the company with a clear understanding of its information security status and guidance for continuous improvement and regulatory compliance.

LGPD - General Data Protection Law

It resembles the ISO certification process, involving a checklist of compliance and non-compliance, along with their evidence.

We conduct a thorough assessment to verify if the company complies with the requirements established by LGPD.

This service not only helps companies meet legal requirements but also protects the privacy and integrity of personal data, promoting good governance practices and information security.

Audit of Systems and Processes

A comprehensive approach to assessing the effectiveness and compliance of an organization's systems and processes with industry best practices and standards.

STWBrasil's experts conduct a detailed analysis, identifying potential vulnerabilities, ensuring compliance with specific standards, and optimizing operational efficiency.

This audit aims to strengthen information security, minimize risks, and improve the overall effectiveness of business systems and processes.

We provide recommendations to enhance security posture and operational performance, contributing to a safer and more efficient business environment.

CISO as a Service

This service provides organizations with access to highly skilled Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) on an outsourced basis.

CISOs are experts in managing information security strategies, policies, and programs, as well as overseeing the implementation of security controls, risk assessments, incident response plans, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

We enable companies to benefit from these services without the need to hire a full-time CISO, offering a more affordable and efficient solution, contributing to cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

Processes and Standards: Tools for Effective Auditing

We use several advanced tools during our auditing services to ensure accurate and efficient results.

The Relints or Intelligence Report provides a comprehensive view of your company's current state of security and compliance.

The issuance of two reports, executive and technical, allows for a comprehensive understanding for different audiences.

The audit processes are certified and validated by internationally recognized standards, such as ISO, ensuring a standardized and reliable approach.

We use what are called SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to ensure consistency in all audits, regardless of the team member responsible, providing a uniform and effective approach.

These combined tools contribute to comprehensive audits and high-quality results.