Who is it for

Cybersecurity service is essential for businesses of all sizes, ranging from small to large enterprises, seeking to protect third-party data and corporate information from cyberattacks, which can lead to financial and reputational damages. It is applicable across various sectors, including healthcare, finance, and public services.

Level 1, 2, and 3 support

Keep your technology running and have a productive team.

Service Desk:

A set of services aimed at providing technical support and assistance to end users within an organization. It deals with incident management, service requests, troubleshooting, and provides general information about IT services. The main objective is to ensure the continuity of IT services, quickly restore normal functionality, and minimize business impact.

*Level 1, 2, and 3 support

Help Desk:

It is a part of the Service Desk, primarily focused on providing direct assistance to users with specific issues. It typically involves resolving simpler problems and providing immediate support for frequently asked questions. The Help Desk is the first line of support and is often responsible for triaging and forwarding more complex issues to the appropriate teams. It plays an important role in communication between users and technical support teams.

*Level 1, 2, and 3 support

Take the opportunity to solve problems such as:

Lack of internet

Computers that won't turn on

Printer integration

Federal Revenue Certificate

2. Cloud

Access your company's files from anywhere in the world, at any time, and with the security your data requires.

Cloud computing provides companies with unprecedented flexibility and accessibility to their data and applications. At STWBrasil, we understand the importance of this technology and offer specialized support and migration services to meet the growing demands of businesses at all levels.

Why the cloud is important for your company:

Scalability on Demand:

Cloud computing allows you to scale your company's resources according to demand, ensuring efficiency and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Remote Access and Collaboration:

The cloud facilitates remote access, enabling more effective collaboration, especially in distributed work environments across different locations, cities, or countries.

Enhanced Security:

Cloud providers heavily invest in security. By migrating to the cloud with STWBrasil, defenses against cyber threats in your company are strengthened.

Continuous updates:

The cloud infrastructure is regularly updated, ensuring that your company has access to the latest technological innovations without concerns about maintenance, because we take care of it for you.

With STWBrasil taking care of your company's cloud, you'll have:

Support and global access

The main advantage of the cloud environment is the ability to access data from anywhere in the world, at any time.

With the proper support and infrastructure provided by STWBrasil, you'll have the assurance of a smooth and secure cloud computing experience. This is especially valuable in a globalized landscape, where mobility and connectivity are essential.

Cloud migration

Cloud migration is a strategic step to optimize operational efficiency.

STWBrasil offers specialized services to migrate all content from machines to robust cloud environments. This transition not only frees up physical space but also ensures more efficient management of company resources and data.

Maintenance and support for cloud servers

With a range of cloud servers available, including solutions like Windows Server (WS), Google Cloud, and Azure, STWBrasil ensures that clients can choose the platform most suitable for their needs. In addition to migration, we offer ongoing support to ensure that these cloud servers operate optimally, providing stability and security.

3. DLP - Data Loss Prevention

Keep hackers away from your company's data.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) refers to a set of solutions and practices aimed at protecting your company’s confidential information against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

The Importance of DLP for Your Company:

Protection Against Internal Threats

Internal threats are as significant as external ones.

DLP is essential for preventing accidental or intentional leaks by employees.

Compliance with regulations

Companies are subject to strict regulations regarding data protection. DLP helps ensure compliance, avoiding penalties and reputational damage.

Defense against cyber attacks

Many cyber attacks aim at data theft. DLP serves as a critical line of defense against these attacks, protecting valuable corporate information.

Preservation of reputation

A data leak can have serious ramifications for your company's reputation.

DLP helps maintain trust with customers and partners.

4. Box Security

Filter all content that enters your company's computers, no matter where it's accessed from or where you or your employees are.

From content filtering to securely establishing remote connections, STWBrasil’s Box Security provides uninterrupted digital peace of mind and security for small and medium-sized businesses.

Content filtering

The Box Security acts as a digital guardian, filtering the content that traverses the internet and enters users' devices. This functionality is necessary to prevent cyber threats before they can cause harm.

Prevention against attacks

Equipped with advanced tools, the solution is an effective barrier against a variety of cyber attacks. Its ability to identify and neutralize threats in real time is crucial for continuous security.

Group-based access control

Managers may have different permissions regarding internet access compared to other employees. For example, a group of managers may have permission to access YouTube, while a group of employees may have restrictions.

VPN para acesso remoto seguro

In a world where remote work is increasingly common, Box Security offers an integrated VPN solution. This allows users to securely connect to the company's network from anywhere in the world, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the data.

Componentes inclusos

Advanced Antivirus:

Next-generation antivirus, providing proactive defense against known and emerging threats.

Access control firewall:

Access control firewall: The built-in firewall allows you to control data traffic, ensuring that only authorized data is allowed to enter and exit the network.

Custom setup:

STWBrasil offers a customized setup service, ensuring that the implementation of Box Security is optimized for the specific needs of each client.