Innovation in technology for digital security and forensic technology solutions.

The success of your business hinges on digital security provided by STWBrasil.

We are relentless in the pursuit of excellence.

Our Solutions

Protection for your company with technology and professionalism.

We offer advanced solutions supported by state-of-the-art technology and a team of highly qualified professionals. Our services cover a variety of areas crucial for the digital security of your business.

The largest forensic laboratory in Brazil at your company's disposal.

For companies in the Information Security sector.

We are leaders in the Brazilian Information Security landscape.

With cutting-edge infrastructure and specialized tools, we not only meet our own demands but also serve other companies in the security sector.

By choosing STWBrasil as your company's partner, you gain access to a laboratory that goes beyond conventional standards, providing reliable results in investigations, forensic analysis, and data extraction.

The protection of your company is in our hands.

Customized solutions tailored to the current needs of your business.

Discover STWBrasil

20 years of excellence in technology and security

Two decades ago, STWBrasil was born as a technical support company, ready to solve everything from simple issues like swapping a mouse to complex challenges involving servers. Today, STWBrasil takes pride in being much more than a technology company. We are the guardians of digital integrity, providing solutions that surpass conventional limits. Whether you are a growing small business, a medium-sized corporation, or a market giant, STWBrasil is the partner that understands your needs and protects your company’s digital data so it can thrive securely.

Turning challenges into digital opportunities for two decades and counting.

The Partners

STWBrasil is comprised of qualified professionals, with years of study and practice in what they do.

Marcelo Nagy

Director Executive of STWBrasil, Chief Information Security Officer at QualiSign S.A, Curator and postgraduate professor at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Director and Instructor at the Academia de Forense Digital - AFD. Specialist in Cybersecurity, Prevention and Investigation of Digital Crimes, and Judicial Expertise. As a Forensic Expert, collaborates with TRT-SP, TJ-SP, and law enforcement agencies in the state of São Paulo. Consultant on Digital Crime Prevention at Rede Globo de Televisão.

Leandro Morales

Executive Director and partner at STWBrasil, specialized in digital forensics and information security. With over 20 years of experience, he is a professor and coordinator at the Digital Forensics Academy, focusing on data extraction and judicial expertise. Collaborates with public bodies and law enforcement agencies, as well as supporting the NGO Marias da Internet against digital crimes. Has extensive experience in cyber fraud investigation and offensive security.

Adnan de Castro

Director at STWBrasil and at the Digital Forensics Academy, postgraduate in Cyber Security and postgraduate in Digital Forensic Examination. With over 15 years of experience in the technology field, specializing in Outsourcing and Security Incident Response. Expert in Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and Digital Forensic Examination.

Renan Cavalheiro

Professional with over 10 years of experience in Digital Forensics, Director at STWBrasil and at Academia de Forense Digital, postgraduate in Cyber Security and MBA in Information Security, professor of postgraduate courses in Digital Forensics. Certified in EnCE, CHFI, GCIH, ECIH, CTIA, among others.

Seals that attest to our excellence

The certifications below attest to STWBrasil’s competence and demonstrate our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, reinforcing the quality of services provided by our professionals. All these seals are internationally recognized and are the reason we are a reference in the Brazilian market when it comes to information security.

Cellebrite is a leading company in digital forensic technology, specializing in the development of advanced solutions for extraction, analysis, and management of data from mobile devices.

We use their tools for digital investigations and evidence collection from smartphones and other electronic devices.

Internationally recognized series of credentials in the field of information security and cybersecurity.

This hands-on theoretical training allows for the enhancement of cybersecurity skills to be made available to your company, ranging from system auditing and management to incident response and digital forensics.

Certification of great importance for all professionals working with confidential information.

Exin covers topics ranging from information and security, threats and risks to laws and regulations. With it, it is possible to understand how to proceed within the law when dealing with sensitive data from third parties.

Global organization dedicated to promoting cybersecurity practices and training in related certifications.

With the skills acquired in this training, our digital forensic experts have the necessary knowledge to protect systems and investigate malicious activities within your company.

OpenText is a leading company in providing enterprise information management solutions. In the market since 1991, this tool is recognized for its advanced ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions, which cover everything from digital document capture to archiving. With this platform, we manage processes in the information security area and conduct information analysis with the assurance of compliance with privacy standards.

ElearnSecurity is an organization specializing in cybersecurity that offers a variety of training courses and certifications. In addition to its programs keeping up with current trends and challenges, the content provided is practical and results-oriented, with virtual labs and hands-on training to ensure that professionals acquire real and applicable skills. With it, our professionals are able to perform pentests to digital forensic analysis.

Companies that trust STWBrasil

Informing and raising awareness among ordinary people is part of our mission.

Institutions trained by Academia de Forense Digital

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Leading company in information security. The digital protection of your company is our priority. We rely on state-of-the-art technology used by highly specialized professionals.


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