Leandro Morales | Band News: Discover the Secure Cell Phone App

In response to the increasing number of cell phone thefts and the need to protect people from financial losses and privacy breaches, the government adopted a proactive measure for information security by creating the “Celular Seguro” app, which aims to offer features that help in the recovery of the device in case of theft or loss.

In an interview given to Jornal da Band, digital expert and founding partner of STWBRASIL, Leandro Morales explained that in some cases, just the app is not enough for your protection, since numerous pieces of information can be extracted from the SIM card.

To know what can be done in case your cell phone is stolen, in addition to using the app, watch the full interview.

Transmitting quality information and raising awareness in society is part of STWBRASIL’s commitment to the population.

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