How to Clear Your Cell Phone Memory in 5 Steps

Como limpar a memória do celular - STWBrasil

How to clean your cell phone memory and keep it always with storage space?

Who has never tried to take a photo and received the notification that the cell phone storage was full and there was no space in the device memory?

Photos, videos, documents, and apps occupy the spaces of smartphones, compromising the performance of the operating system and the battery, as well as preventing new files and programs from being saved.

Your cell phone memory is not infinite, and just like that cluttered little room that many people have at home, it also needs to be cleaned and organized from time to time to remain usable.

To help you in this mission, which sometimes seems impossible, we have separated 5 valuable tips that you can apply right now and get back to having the best performance from your device.

How to clean your cell phone memory: Check out these 5 tips to keep your cell phone storage space free

1- Use the cloud to store photos and videos

Photos and videos are among the main files that occupy the cell phone memory. With the advancement of smartphone cameras, how can you resist taking hundreds of photos and recording videos of the most interesting moments of daily life?

You don’t need to get rid of all your records, but you also don’t need to keep them on your cell phone. How? Simple, by backing up the files in the cloud. Photos and videos saved in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere and even with other devices.

There are free and paid cloud services that meet various needs. Evaluate and choose the one that suits you best.

2- Delete documents you no longer use

It is very common to download documents on your cell phone and after use, forget that the file exists.

Even small documents take up storage space, so if you are not going to use the file anymore, delete it after use.

Remember that just like photos and videos, you can also send your documents to the cloud, freeing up space on the device.

3- Evaluate your apps

There are apps that we use in our routine, such as banking apps, that need to be installed on the smartphone. Others, however, we use sporadically, occupying space that remains idle.

Keep installed only the apps that are really useful and download the others when there is a need to use them.

Also, it is important to check if the app does not perform any kind of temporary data storage, such as the cache present in streamings, which should be cleared periodically.

4- Configure message app permissions

In instant messaging apps, such as Whatsapp, it is possible to change the settings so that the app does not automatically download photos, videos, documents, etc.

Activate this option and prevent your cell phone from being overloaded with files sent by others without you even noticing.

5- Clean periodically

Many people postpone cleaning their cell phones because it is a process that, although simple, depending on the situation of the internal “clutter,” can be time-consuming and a little boring.

There is no escaping this work, but if you maintain a routine, cleaning your cell phone every two weeks, the process becomes faster and less laborious.

It’s like cleaning the house: the more regular, the easier it is to keep everything in order.

Today, the cell phone is an essential companion in our daily lives. Keeping the device organized and without exhausting the storage capacity ensures better performance and durability for the owner.

Who explained better how to clean the cell phone memory was our partner, an expert in information security and digital forensics, Leandro Morales, in a participation on the program Mais Você, from Rede Globo, on June 20, 2022. Click here to check.

Want to know more about information security and the digital world? Keep following our blog and follow the STWBrasil page on social media.

Until next time!

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