Digital Expert: How and Where to Hire a Digital Forensic Expertise

Perito Digital_ Como e Onde Contratar uma Perícia Forense Digital

A Digital Expert is the professional who assists a company victim of Cybercrime.

Computers and other electronic devices are an essential part of our daily lives, both professionally and personally.

Nowadays, billions of people around the world use hardware and software that facilitate the performance of various tasks.

This increasing flow of information attracts criminal individuals.

They see Cybercrimes as a way to obtain personal advantages, whether financial or not.

Virtual attacks are becoming more sophisticated, following technological development, and have become one of the greatest risks for individuals and companies.

How to preserve information security in your company

In this scenario, having good practices is an essential measure for organizations.

These practices help preserve information security and the integrity of networks and systems.

But, this is still not enough to ensure that you do not suffer from cybercrimes.

Do you know what is needed to obtain judicial redress in the face of virtual crimes? Being able to present evidence that the fact occurred.

In addition, the assistance of a Digital Expert who can point out the suspects is necessary. This is where digital forensic expertise comes in.

What does a Digital Expert do?

There has been a growth in the demand for digital expertise services. But, there are still many doubts about what a Digital Expert does.

In addition, it is essential to understand its importance for companies when victims of virtual attacks and data theft.

The Digital Forensic Expert conducts investigations through the collection of information.

It is this information that enables the search and identification of the origin of Cybercrimes.

In this process, he uses interdisciplinary knowledge to carry out scans on devices.

This data collection always occurs in a neutral way.

Above all, preserving evidence in a way that ensures that the material can be used in court.

And so, assist in obtaining redress for damages and holding cybercriminals accountable.

It is worth noting that the techniques used by the Digital Expert vary according to the case.

And that the best way to track down virtual criminals is up to this professional.

Among the attributions of the digital forensic expert, we can highlight:

  • Perform analysis of digital environments;
  • Promote the search for potential risks or weaknesses;
  • Detect fraud and invasions;
  • Retrace the path of the fraud;
  • Collect evidence of cybercrimes without compromising the evidence;
  • Share the information collected with the authorities responsible for criminal investigation.

How to Hire the Services of a Private Digital Expert

Today, the fight against cybercrimes in Brazil still presents many bottlenecks.

It is common to perceive that it is not worth making a report to the competent authorities.

However, this mindset needs to change.

Hiring a Private Digital Expert is an important step to give substance to complaints.

In addition, it:

  • collaborates with the resolution of crimes,
  • holds criminals accountable
  • and obtains judicial redress.

Lately, we have noticed an increase in the number of professionals. As well as companies that provide this type of service.

Which on the one hand is great and contributes to the development of the sector. On the other hand, it requires greater care from the contractor.

After all, when you invest in a Private Digital Expert, your goal is for the service to be of high quality.

And, of course, capable of bringing concrete results to your company.

Otherwise, the expertise becomes just another cost you have to bear.

Where to find a reliable Private Digital Expert

In the process of looking for the ideal Digital Expert, the watchword is research.

Always try to know:

  • the service provider’s history,
  • its structure,
  • cases they have worked on,
  • the training and education of professionals,
  • as well as references and recommendations.

Use the internet as your ally at this time. And, do not make decisions based solely on price.

Digital Forensic Expertise at STW Brasil

STW Brasil has extensive expertise in conducting Digital Forensic Expertise.

Being led by Digital Experts Marcelo Nagy and Leandro Morales.

STW has served some of the main national companies in various sectors.

Digital Expert Marcelo Nagy

Marcelo Nagy has an extensive career focused on Cybersecurity. He obtained certifications from some of the main institutions in the sector.

Such as:

  • PGM Academy;
  • Cisco Networking Academy;
  • and Exen.

Marcelo has specializations in Judicial and Extrajudicial Expertise. He is also a member of the Brazilian Academy of Forensic Science. And the Brazilian Society of Forensic Sciences.

In addition, Marcelo Nagy has over the years, decisively contributed to the training of cybersecurity professionals.

He has taught classes in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In addition to lectures in companies and educational institutions.

This trajectory makes Marcelo one of the main references in digital expertise and information security in Brazil.

Digital Expert Leandro Morales

Leandro Morales also has a rich academic and professional background focused on information security.

Leandro has worked in public and private institutions. He currently holds the position of vice-president of the National Association of Forensic Computer Experts (APECOF).

Leandro Morales has a wide range of knowledge of language and computational structures. He gives lectures on cybercrime and information security in various states.

Being, like his partner Marcelo Nagy, a great reference for professionals in Digital Expertise throughout the country.

STW Brasil as the best choice for Digital Forensic Expertise

With these two specialists at the helm, STW Brasil has been operating with excellence in the market for almost two decades.

Having contributed to different companies being able to obtain judicial redress when victims of cybercrimes.

STW Brasil has a modern structure. In addition to a team of highly qualified professionals who are passionate about what they do.

Therefore, it is your best choice when hiring a Private Digital Expertise Service!

Virtual crimes are a real risk to your company. Count on STW Brasil to protect your business. Come talk to us!

See you next time!

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