Cybercrimes: Discover the Main Threats and What to Do If You Suffer a Cybercrime

Cibercrimes: Descubra as principais ameaças e o que fazer se sofrer um crime cibernético

Cybercrimes are one of the main threats to businesses.

While connectivity has brought great benefits to organizations, it has also become an entry point for malicious agents.

Today, it is urgent for companies to be prepared to deal with cyberattacks.

Therefore, in the near future, this will be an even more essential action for survival in the market.

Above all, with the arrival of the Internet of Things and consequently the increase in connected devices.

How Cybercrimes Affect Us

For ordinary people, one of the biggest consequences of digital threats is the invasion of privacy.

That is, a serious problem capable of causing great disturbances.

For companies, however, criminal action not only compromises the privacy of their employees.

Consequently, cybercrimes affect their customers and partners, as well as being a source of great losses.

In the battle against virtual crimes, information is our ally.

Human action is still essential for the success of various types of attacks.

For example, those that use clicks on links, downloads of attachments, etc., to achieve their goals.

The 4 most common types of Cybercrimes for you to avoid in your company

Quality information not only reduces the risks of your company being a victim of cybercrime.

Consequently, it shows the ways on how to act in case cyberattacks are successful.

Learn about the four most common types of cybercrimes below and spread this information among your employees!

1- Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are among those digital crimes that have been practiced for a long time.

To clarify, their goal is to capture confidential information, such as banking data, credit card data, etc.

Phishing uses social engineering techniques to deceive the user.

That is, it uses fake emails or instant messages from reliable institutions, such as banks.

1.1- How Phishing Attacks are Done

In the attack, it is common to request that the user access a link.

As a result, this link leads to a fake site, a mirror of the original institution. The criminals use it as a disguise, where it is requested to enter information.

That is, the malicious strategy seeks to obtain the user’s confidential information. Without thus resorting to invasions to capture the data.

In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in phishing attacks that use sites with a security certificate. Which is a big problem!

The presence of the security certificate was a factor that generated reliability to the sites.

To avoid phishing, it is necessary to orient the entire team to open links only in emails from known sources.

Therefore, reinforce with your team that in case of doubts, prudence is always the best option.

2- Cryptojacking

Cryptojacking is a recent type of Cybercrime. However, it gained popularity in virtual environments from the boom in cryptocurrencies.

This attack aims to hijack the processing capacity of a device to perform the mining of a cryptocurrency.

To fall into cryptojacking, just visit any site that contains its code.

Cryptojacking is not characterized as malware. Since its objective is “only” to use the device of others without consent.

But, it affects the capacity of the processors, harming their performance. Which for companies can mean loss of productivity and losses – reducing their useful life.

2.2- How to know if you are suffering from this Cybercrime

Noticing that your devices are being used by cryptojacking is not always simple.

Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive.

Since the main sign of the cyberattack is the drop in performance of the processors. Which can be consulted via task manager in Windows systems.

To get rid of the problem, it is necessary to use an updated antivirus.

As for prevention, it is necessary to be careful when accessing links.

In addition, pay attention when downloading attachments, as well as using anti-mining extensions in browsers.

3- Malware

Malware infections are the main cause of cyber incidents in Latin American companies.

Malicious codes are both a threat and are also used to facilitate other Cybercrimes.

Having a good antivirus is not enough to avoid being a victim of malware.

Almost daily, new threats emerge taking advantage of vulnerabilities in operating systems and other software. Keeping the antivirus updated, as well as other components, is essential.

It is very important to reinforce that malware represents a great threat. Since malicious codes can open your network to invasions, capture information and even hijack devices.

3.1- How to prevent Malware

To prevent this virtual crime, constantly update your systems and antivirus.

The measures mentioned earlier are also valid: be careful with what you access and download on the internet.

Applying restrictions on the use of browsers is an option for companies.

4- Cyberextortions

Cyberextortion is among the cybercrimes that have grown the most in recent years. And, it affects both ordinary people and companies.

Extortion can occur both through bluffs.

For example, criminals suggest that they are in possession of confidential information.

In addition, it can occur through the effective hijacking of this information and even devices.

Keeping calm is essential if your company is a victim of this attack, avoiding acting on emotion.

It is also worth remembering that making payments to cybercriminals can encourage them to ask for new amounts of money. Instead of solving the problem.

In cases of cyberextortion, always communicate the authorities that combat virtual crimes.

Where to report Cybercrimes

Even today, it is common to believe that the internet is a lawless land and that reporting cybercrimes has little or no effect.

The reality, however, is different.

Brazil has one of the most advanced legislations in the world when it comes to the global computer network.

The laws exist and work to protect users. Whether they are individuals or companies.

By failing to report and resolving attacks only internally, we are hindering the advancement of both legislation and the fight against cybercrimes. Which leads authorities to work with inaccurate data.

In addition, offering the report is essential in an attempt to obtain redress and justice.

As well as the recovery of monetary values used by criminals. So don’t be silent!

Today many states in Brazil have exclusive police stations to combat virtual crimes. You can find more information about existing units here.

If your state does not have this police unit, make the crime report at the nearest police station.

Another important measure is to hire the service of a digital expert.

This professional is able to contribute to the elucidation of cyberattacks. In addition to pointing out measures so that in the future you will not be a victim again.

Want to know more about the digital threats to your business and how to protect yourself? Keep following our blog and follow our pages on social networks!

See you next time!

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